We are very pleased that in the short time (2 years) we have been able to make a significant difference to many deserving families in our community. We are thankful to the support of our donors for this, as well as to the staff of our key clinical teams and partners: SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinic and Adventis ENT Clinic.

Free Hearing and ENT camps

We have so far carried out a number of (more than 10) free camps for children and adults with Ear disease and Hearing losses. These have been executed with the help of the Audiologists of SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinic and the ENT Doctors of Adventis ENT Clinics.

These camps have been carried out at various towns and cities such as Patna, Noida, Faridabad, Rohtak, Palwal, Gurgaon, Delhi etc. An average of 100 to 125 patients were examined at each camp. They underwent free hearing tests, were given information on treatment options for their deafness, and were listed to receive free/subsidised treatment. Please see Events Section for details.

Provision of hearing aids and cochlear implants

In the last two years alone, over 50 children and 2 adults have received cochlear implants at over 80 % subsidy (normal cost of treatment per child is Rs 8 lacs) through our association with THF (Project Ghanti).

Over 30 children have received free / highly subsidized hearing aids.

Please read about their success stories in the Personal Stories section.

Provision of hearing and speech therapy for hearing impaired children

All the children who have been implanted with cochlear implants or fitted with hearing aids are getting subsidized / free hearing and speech therapy in collaboration with the therapsits of SpHear speech and Hearing Clinic.

Parent counseling sessions are taking place every Saturday for families of children with hearing losses at the SpHear premises.

Speech therapy for speech disorders

Children of the Ark School, Lajpat Nagar, are receiving free /subsidised speech therapy for their speech and articulation disorders by the therapists at SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinics.